Smart Crosswalk

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purpose : Improve pedestrian safety of crosswalk crossing

Signaling driver pedestrian crossing and Signaling pedestrian of coming cars


  • It is hard for driver to see pedestrian passing the street in the night
  • People trespass the road without walking on the crosswalk
  • Pedestrian feel unsafe when crossing the crosswalk because they have to pay attention of right turning cars
  • Crosswalk only exist in a distance

Possible Solution

We aimed to improve the road traffic safety by signaling both the driver of pedestrian crossing and pedestrian of coming cars. There are few possible solutions:

  • 1. Lead pedestrian to walk on the crosswalk by attractive interaction design such as gradient footprints.However, pedestrians can get distracted and might even overlook coming cars.
  • 2. Function crosswalk with signalings, for example, a countdown projecting on the crosswalk. But, it is not efficient, because driver overlooking pedestrian is the primary cause of crosswalk accidents.
  • 3. Gating roads by physical obstacles (car humps), yet it worsens driving experience and fail to alert the driver of coming pedestrian.

  • Hence, the illuminating crosswalk is the choice. Instead of adding annexed lighting near the crosswalk, installing light source below the road is more sustainable. In this work, I wrote processing code on the Arduino board, implemented the electric circuit, and did research on materials to build the 1:10 interactive prototype.


    Unlike adding annexed lighting near the crosswalk, installing light resource below the road is the most sustainable !

    Prototype: illuminating crosswalk with corresponding shining frequency
    Possible light source :

    • led bulb - fragile
    • led powder – not easy to obtain
    • Commercial use LGP - expensive
    • advertising lamp box – fragile, massive
    • Electroluminescent Lamp – bendable, durable, cheap, easy to acquire (commonly use in scooter adaption)

    Prototype outcome:
    Electroluminescent crosswalk illuminates when sensored pedestrian.
    An extra light sensor is installed to make Electroluminescent crosswalk shining frequency varies according to the distance of coming cars

    Prototype on arduino

    Rough test #1