Forensic Use Facial Reconstruction

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Purpose : A fast way to do facial reconstruction for forensic use.

Desigend method is implement by commercial software - Freeform®


    Catastrophe such as plain crash, earthquak etc, cause large numbers of death in a short period. Tradition anatomical method is rigorous however considerably slow for these situations.

    No well established SOP for facial reconstruction in Taiwan. Significant errors are detected in existing methods, in other words, estimation of many variables can varies the result. For example: It is hard to reinvent the stretchiness of the skin if a human dies, though it is a critical factor of how a person lookmoreover. Moreover, anonymous dead are often found only skeleton remain. Consequently, we have to calculate weight of every variables and come up with new method.

    existing methods of reconstruction
    • European/Russian/Manchester method:Layers of muscle patched on the skull according to anatomy
    • American method:Depth method,establish 28 points,patching pieces in proportion of the reference points.
    • Superimposition:The technique of graphic, photographic or video superimposition, this is a method aims to compare existing subjects and the dead, so it cannot produce a new face. Therefore, is suitable and fast way at cases with small range of possible victims
    My perspective

    The purpose is rapid rescontruction, hence, fast prototyping of possible faces for comparison has priority over building faces with precision

    Reconstruction process