Pattern in Geometry

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Purpose : Build organic shapes and pattern by iteration.

This project is build using Activate Mind and Attention (AMA) plugin for Powerpoint, By Structural Cloning Method (SCM), it is able to iterating and replacing simple segments such as line and geometric shapes in to organic pattern.
Let the work speak for itself!

(AMA is developed by NCTU professor M.J Chen and his team)

Basic brench are circle of dots on certain surfaces that coil and combine to dots in different surface. This basic shape iterates in a "Y" way, that is, two small branches of certain angle would pop out from the top of foundation brench. It could be observe the algorithm is simple but with iterations, the outcome is gorgeous.

Also, by switching different building blocks, the composed tree could be grown in various way. It could make great and basic examples of all kind of tree discussed in algorithm.

An elegant tree from ink and wash painting.

This time, I use a more complicate way to iterate and replace the original piece, patch of color and random dots may seem nonsense at first glance. However, after few iterations, it is easily observed that a temperate climate tree is done(I will say it's an oak).

Adding leafs.

Within seven iterations, a vivid tree is born.

This is what I mean transforming simple graphic and lines into organic graphics!

Simple lines and curves are building blocks for grass. We could modify the growth by replacing different line patterns.

You can say this is a rock or cloud. Depends on how you varies the basic lines and shapes.

Another ink and wash painting scene.

Again, aesthetic shapes are made.


This animation is made by simply same shapes spinning in same angle and samel rate.